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About Us

The KAA is an association of professionals and amateurs who are interested in learning more about Kansas prehistory and history. The Kansas Anthropological Association is the oldest amateur archeological organization in the state. Its membership is made up of individuals and institutions interested in the prehistoric and historic Indian peoples of this area and the historic Euroamericans too!

Objectives and Goals

  • To unite individuals who are interested in the prehistory and history of the state of Kansas.
  • The preservation and interpretation of archeological and ethnological remains within the state.
  • The scientific study, investigation, and interpretation of archeological remains and ethnological materials.
  • The publication and distribution of information concerning Kansas archeology and ethnology.
  • The development and promotion of a greater public interest and appreciation for the heritage of Kansas.
Field Class


  • Newsletters
  • State and local meetings
  • A two week outdoor training school (KATP)
  • Certification Classes
  • Spring and Summer Spree
  • Fall Fling
  • Activities vary from survey, excavation to lab work
  • Assocation with professional archeologists
  • An enjoyable and challenging experience for every member of your family




Membership in the KAA runs from January to December and includes quarterly newsletters and an annual journal. All KAA members, new or renewing, must sign the KAA Code of Ethics which appears on the second page of the membership form. For family renewals, individuals age 10 and above must sign this ethics statement.

Membership revewal forms will be mailed out to members in December. New members can print out a KAA membershi form and KAA Code of Ethics signature page.


Kansas Anthropological Association